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Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by @btreasurer

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Featured on Friday: A Leadership Kick in the Ass by Bill Treasurer

What makes a great leader? Some say it’s success, money, fame, or recognition. Well, on a deeper level, a true leader is someone who can rise above their mistakes and grow in those moments. It is easy to find a book with guidance on how to become a great leader, but growing through your mess-ups is a topic rarely covered in the leadership world. Until now…

In his new book released on January 16th, our »

Featured on Friday: The #FiveThieves by @DrJohnIzzo

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Featured on Friday: The Five Thieves by Dr. John Izzo

Welcome to 2017! It’s a New Year, and quite possibly a new you. With each ringing in of the New Year, we all hope that this will be the year things will change. We will finally get the dream job, lose the extra weight, make more time for our families- we will finally find true happiness.

Think about it, isn’t that what we all seek? Our basic human nature urges us to find a sustaining happiness, »

Featured On Friday: Our Veterans, Our Leaders

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Featured On Friday: Our Veterans, Our Leaders

Though I have been living abroad in Israel for over three years, I am reminded on an almost daily basis of my American roots and identity. I remember backpacking around southern Israel at eighteen years old and coming across a group of US soldiers in a local bar in a small, dusty town. I was shocked! What are you doing here? I asked. The soldiers told me that they were stationed at a local base, training »

Featured On Friday: #OASISConversations by @AnnVanEron

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Featured On Friday: #OASISConversations by @AnnVanEron

Having lived in a desert climate for over three years now, I definitely require a visit to physical places with water and vegetation once in a while. More pressing, though, is my need for mental oases—refreshing conversations, thoughts, and states of mind. This need is something that I believe everyone can relate to, regardless of the physical environment they live in.

This week, Weaving Influence is proud to support the launch of a book that »

Featured on Friday: #ServingwithSignificance with @rebeccainjc

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Featured on Friday: #ServingwithSignificance with @RebeccaHendersonMS

Every once in a while, we like to highlight what some of the amazing people in our Team Buzz Builder community are accomplishing. This week, we turn the spotlight on member Rebecca Henderson and her recently published book, Serving with Significance: A Guide for Leadership Level Community Influencers. Published in June of this year, this five-star book is already making headlines. In fact, it was just added to the required reading list for a »

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