The anniversary of September 11th this past weekend was a huge reminder to me of the brokenness in the world. As I look back at the past several months, the violence seems to be increasing. I talk to people every day who feel alone, disconnected, and depressed.

That’s why I was so excited to learn I’d be working with Christine Mason on the launch of her book, Indivisible: Coming Home to Our Deep Connection. Christine digs deep into these issues and more as she explores the power of connection.

“We are never separate or alone. Let us be brave together, reconnect, & reweave a culture and a world that works for everyone.” – Christine Mason


Christine’s life is inspirational. She has been a leader in the tech sector for 20 years, as the venture backed founder and CEO of several companies. She has always been a convener, bringing people together to have conversations around growth and change, and to spark action around new possibilities. She is the curator of 9 TEDxs, the convener of Naked Conversations and founder of LoveSpring.

Her own deep journey exploring anger, violence and disconnection in the aftermath of her mother’s murder, early abandonment and general chaos have propelled her explorations into the interior life and capacity of the individual to heal and connect; her work as a victims’ right advocate for restorative justice and prison reform; and as an investigator into the neuroscience of human evolution and behavioral change.

She has lived and traveled all over the world, and speaks French and German. She is a yoga teacher and musician. She’s mother to 4 of her own children, and co-parent to 2 girls. Read more at and connect with her on Twitter.


There are more people living alone than at any time in history, and more depression than ever recorded. Violence to each other and ourselves continues to cast long shadows across generations. We are fragmented individually and collectively to the point of vile speech and hate crimes based on false divisions. How do we heal? How do we become more connected?

Indivisible is a transformational story of a deep human journey to the heart of connection.

Christine asks questions such as: Why are people lonely and alienated from one another? Why are people angry? Or mean? Or violent to each other? Is that reversible? Why do we lie and hide our true selves? How do we make more love and less conflict happen? Can we make a world that works better for all of us? How might we shift our internal state and the design of our communities and institutions to be happier, more connected?

Check out what some of our Buzz Builders have to say about Indivisible

  • “This book was absolutely awesome. In fact, I tweeted that the book ‘rocked my world.’ There were so many things that resonated with me as an educator and leader… You will find the learning facilitated by this book to be useful in your professional life as well as your personal life.” {Read the rest of Dr. Byron L. Ernest’s review on Amazon.}
  • “Very few books stay with me the way Indivisible has. It is well worth reading and re-reading.” {Read the rest of Dawn-Marie Cornett’s review on Amazon.}


Christine will be joining Becky Robinson for an interactive discussion on The Art and Practice of Putting Connection 1st on September 21. If you are interested in learning more about a better way to live, join us for this live online conversation.

Register here.


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