Books are one of the most popular Christmas gifts, and according to retailers, 41% of all books are sold during the Christmas holiday season. We’re deep in the holiday shopping season already — it starts as early as October — but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to put your promotion into high gear.

Here are 5 things we recommend doing this season.

Email your list. This is one of the easiest things you can do to promote your book during the holidays. The people on your email list are there because they are interested in your work. A gentle holiday email, with graphics and holiday language, will help them see your book as a great gift for someone on their list.

Share on social. I know, I know. You’re already posting regularly on social media. During the holiday season, keep up the good work, but add some holiday graphics or photos of your book in a holiday setting. Really drive home the message that your book would be a meaningful gift. (Find more holiday posting tips here.)

Throw a holiday party. Everyone loves a party! Consider a Facebook or Instagram live party, or do a Twitter chat. Promote the event in advance and offer prizes. This isn’t an event to directly pitch your book, but rather a way to thank those fans who’ve supported you all year long. It will also remind them of you and your work and will likely prompt increased sales, without you once saying “buy my book.”

Consider a BookBub or price reduction promotion. Lower the price? Yes, it might mean you receive less in royalties — but you could make up for that dip, in sales. A price reduction during the holiday season helps your book stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind, BookBub requires an application and they don’t accept all promotions, but it’s worth exploring.

Buy ads. Advertising is one of the best ways to get your book in front of prospective buyers. Amazon ads reach shoppers at the point of purchase and have the highest conversion rates for books. Note: a specific type of account is required to run Amazon ads. If you don’t have access, reach out to your publisher or a book launch partner, like Weaving Influence, for help. Facebook and LinkedIn ads also deliver strong results and are worth the investment.

Even implementing just one of these holiday tactics will help increase awareness of your book and lift sales!

Which tactic are you going to try?