Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” We have our own version of his maxim: “what gets planned, gets done.”  Without a plan, all of our great ideas are just great ideas.  

So, if we understand that a plan is important, why are we all so resistant? There are generally three things that stop us from planning: time, overwhelm, and self-discipline.  But it’s not too late to overcome these obstacles and get started now on a holiday book promotion plan and your 2021 action plan.

I Don’t Have Enough Time

None of us has enough time to do all the things we need or want to do.  Now, more than ever, life is demanding and exhausting.  A plan can help you relieve some of the stress and accomplish more, but you have to make planning a priority.  Our team recently scheduled two 4-hour meetings to roll up our sleeves and work on a 2021 plan. It was a challenge to wrangle all the schedules and client needs in order to create this planning space, but it was a priority, so we made it happen. 

If you are going to create a plan, the perfect time will never come.  Pull out your calendar right now and schedule planning time.  You may be able to plan long-term during one session, or you may need monthly or even weekly planning sessions.  Find what works for you and schedule it.  

Where Do I Begin?

Planning can feel overwhelming.  There are so many areas to address, but we suggest that you plan the same way you would eat an elephant—one bite at a time.

Start with your end result in mind.  What do you want to achieve? 

Next, brainstorm all the ideas that will help you get where you want to go.  Make a list and capture all the ideas, then go back and prioritize and organize. What will you really do? What should you get help to tackle?  What’s just not worth the time?

This process will set you on the path to planning success!

But it’s so Boring…

That’s where self-discipline comes in. Planning IS boring.  We are all resistant to doing things that don’t feel engaging or quickly rewarding, but investing in your long-term success will pay more dividends than binge-watching The Home Edit (though we are 100% in support of the organized life!).

If you consider your goals and get excited about them, planning will feel less like a chore.  Get help if you struggle to focus. Planning with a team is rewarding and energizing and may be the way you have the most planning success.  Plus, you have people to hold you accountable, and accountability always improves outcomes.

Now it’s your turn!  How are you planning for holiday book promotions?  What ideas do you have for 2021?  It’s time to record your plan, so you can turn all those great ideas into reality…and book sales!