It may not seem like it, but social media is cyclical. We see less engagement with social media every year starting around July 1, and activity doesn’t rebound until September. It’s summer break but for memes and politics!

This break in activity is a great time to do some social media experimentation. Not as many people are engaging, so you can test material and pinpoint what works, and roll it out in a larger initiative or campaign in the fall.

Here are just a few ideas we recommend trying this summer.

Build a content library.

I regularly hear from clients that they don’t have time to handle multiple social media channels. I’m proof that it can become a full-time job — but it doesn’t have to. Building an evergreen content library allows you to schedule content with ease, dropping in of-the-moment posts as needed. Summer is a great time to search for curated content, pull powerful tweets from your writing, catalog your blog posts for re-sharing, write new social content, and create graphics and images. (More on this next week!)

Experiment with live streaming.

We’ve been recommending Facebook live for some time, but we do understand that live video streaming can seem intimidating. Summer is a great time to experiment with it. Invite a friend or colleague to join you for a Q&A, schedule a short training, or create a live introduction event. Your imagination is the limit! One suggestion — plan to do a live event each week during the summer to get a feel for the format and discover the ways it can work for your thought leadership.

Launch a new platform.

Have you been thinking about increasing the number of social platforms you are on? Now is the time to launch that new account. We especially recommend giving Instagram a try. IGTV is a great new video option; plus, sharing inspirational graphics and interesting snaps from your work life can create a vibrant community. Consider creating an Instagram book club or even a learning group around your work. You dream it, and they will come.

Video, video, video.

Video is the strongest content for social sharing, and every network supports it. Summer is a great time to gather the gear necessary (no, your phone is not enough!) and start creating content. You’ll be amazed at how quickly solid video content helps propel social growth and engagement. Note: content needs to have some real meat to it and be as high-quality as possible to stand out.

While others are vacationing this summer, we hope you’ll use at least a few of these hazy, lazy days to invigorate your social media platforms and expand your message.

Which platform or task will you experiment with over the next few months?