What’s New in Social Media: IGTV

What’s New in Social Media: IGTV

Instagram has had its sights set on SnapChat for a while — now the platform is gunning for YouTube with the unveiling of IGTV, which will allow creators to upload videos up to one hour in length. IGTV will be available within Instagram, but it will also have a stand-alone app (iOS and Android).

Highlights of IGTV

  • It features vertical video-optimized for your phone and how you use it.
  • Anyone will be able to share long-form videos on the platform, not just celebrities and influencers.
  • IGTV will be available to most accounts very quickly. Those with new accounts or small followings will be among the last to get access.
  • Instagram will highlight videos, much the way the platform highlights stories now, and give priority to longer-form videos.
  • Users will be alerted when people they follow upload new IGTV material.
  • Creators will be able to insert clickable links in their IGTV posts.
  • There is no advertising on the platform right now, but it will come later.

So what does that mean for you? It means a platform that now attracts one-billion users per month has created a new path for you to grow your following and connect with new audiences. Video content is the highest performing type of content on all social media; and according to Instagram, by 2021, video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic. It’s important to start exploring the world of video content.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Videos can be shot on your mobile phone, but quality is paramount.
  • Good lighting is important.
  • You’ll need to invest in a separate microphone for quality audio.
  • A tripod and remote start will be your best friends.

As long as you focus on quality, content is wide open. Tutorials and humorous videos rule YouTube right now, and they’ll likely do very well on IGTV, too. But there’s still a place for the thought leader.

Ideas to Consider

  • Move your webinars to IGTV.
  • Launch book promotion videos on the platform.
  • Repurpose video content from other sources for IGTV.
  • Shoot an introduction video.
  • Launch a free content/learning series.
  • Hold a regular Q&A session with your followers.

While IGTV and YouTube have much in common, YouTube is often more a place to watch, than a place to engage. IGTV will put an emphasis on engagement, too. A win-win for thought leaders.

Are you ready to start sharing videos on IGTV?

About Christy Kirk

Christy Kirk, Vice President of Client Services, is a social media strategist, writer, and former television journalist, who’s done everything from launch a news department to create social content and strategy for Fortune 500 companies and brands including Pampers Diapers, Pantene, Luvs Diapers and Carlson Rezidor Hotels. Now, Christy manages marketing projects for Weaving Influence, with an emphasis on social media marketing. She is also a wife and mother of three children, one dog, and one cat. She loves reading, baking, running, hiking and exploring new places.

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