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On Fuel and Pacing

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In 17 days, I am going to run my first marathon.

About 3 weeks ago, I ran a 15.5 mile training run with a friend. When we finished, I felt awful. I went home whining to my husband and told him I didn’t see how I would ever finish the race. He didn’t like that, so I revised my refrain and began saying “I will finish this marathon but it will be very hard.”

I’ve plodded through my training since then, with a few modifications to my fueling and pacing.

When I ran the 15.5 miles, I took water at every stop, but I didn’t have any fuel at all. My »

Featured on Friday: #InspiredBook Buzz

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We promote a lot of  books around here. Over the last two years, several of our authors have made the decision to use some – or all – of their book profits to help others.

Mark Miller, author and co-author of The Secret, The Heart of Leadership, The Secret of Teams, and Great Leaders Grow, donates the proceeds from his books to three of his favorite organizations.

Last year when tornadoes hit the mid-west during the launch of The Collaboration Economy, author Eric Lowitt made a quick decision to donate a portion of sales to help the victims.

Bill Treasurer continues to donate the proceeds from Leaders Open Doors to organizations that help people with special needs »

Strength Follows Strength (Why I Run)

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Somewhere around mile 13, my friend Sharon asked, “Do you feel strong?”

I gave up on trying to talk with her around mile 10, and when I started using hand signals (thumbs up and down), it reminded me being in labor with my first daughter and how silent I became. Obviously, the pain and effort of labor is far more difficult than a distance run, but my attitude running yesterday felt similar. To conserve my energy, I replied with one word answers and hand signals only, much like during labor. Running long distance requires shutting most everything out and concentrating only on continuing to move forward.

To her question, “Do you feel strong?” I responded with the tilt of my »

What Threatens to Derail Your Dreams?

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I just laced up my shoes for 2 mile run, my first run in two weeks.

I had to stop running for nearly two weeks even though I’m training for a marathon because I pulled a muscle and it hurt to walk . Today I am nearly pain free so it’s time to run.

The marathon is in less than two months and I’ve nearly allowed the injury to the derail my dream of a marathon this year.

What do you allowed to derail your dreams?

I recently shared my book idea with a few friends, including my friends who work at a publisher. One friend recommended that she connect me to her agent. Then she wrote back and mentioned that »

You Wouldn’t Know, Unless I Told You

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We all have our stories. Some are obvious and observable, evident and easy to read — others are hidden or plastered in, buried, stuffed, or glossed over.

We all carry around those things people wouldn’t know, unless we told them.

When people share their stories, it’s a gift.

I’m always surprised, although I shouldn’t be, when I hear the stories of a casual acquaintance or close friend, unraveled over coffee.

Wow, I think. You lived through that.

There are times those stories resonate, mirroring my life. Other times, I hear something completely foreign to my experience and my reaction mixes wonder and curiosity with gratefulness. I am grateful that you shared. I’m curious to hear more. I am in wonder »

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