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What Evidence Do Your Choices Create?

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Yesterday, I started the morning with a happy discovery. I thought I had my whole day booked with calls.

When I looked at my calendar, I saw, instead, that I had 3 open hours in the middle of my day with 90 minutes blocked to work on a strategy for a client.

Having a block of time for work feels like a gift, but the truth is, I get derailed very easily.

What would I choose during those 3 hours? Would I spend, as intended, 90 minutes focused on my client, as my calendar read?

Or would I get distracted and unconsciously shift to other more urgent/pressing matters as they came into my email? Would I consciously make »

How Do You Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be? (Four Career Transition Tips)

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Daily, unrelenting headaches. Doctor visits. Medication. Exercise. Chiropractic care

My husband experimented with every reasonable treatment offered for the headaches that plagued him for months. With no cause determined except stress, he made a big decision to make a major career change.

Everyone who hears his story of transitioning from full-time ministry as a pastor and church planter to “what he does now” laughs and wonders.

How did that happen? How did my husband go from ministry to _____ ?

What he does now is so far removed, on the surface, from what he did before, that people shake their heads, widen their eyes, and listen intently.

If you knew my husband, the similarities of what he does now to ministry would »

A Wake-Up Call: Thoughts from Day 2 of a Water Usage Ban

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Few of us care about issues that don’t impact us directly, at least not in sustained or action-producing ways.

In fact, I brushed off a family member’s concerns about the drought in California when I visited her last  year. She didn’t want help with the dishes from the “midwesterners.” She thought me far too free with the flow of water.

Honestly, I felt irritated. I just didn’t get it.

After only two days of a water usage ban in my hometown, I understand more fully her care in conserving water. Southeastern Michigan, where I live, gets water from Toledo, Ohio. In our area, more than 500,000 people are affected by a water usage ban (do not drink, do not boil) »

If I Could Work My Business Like a Puzzle (Reprise)

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Last summer, after my annual working vacation, I wrote this post about what I learned about running my business from completing a jigsaw puzzle.

This year, my mom bought another puzzle and dumped it on the same table. We took extra care with the pieces, not wanting to repeat last year’s disappointment of one lost piece.

Since two of my nieces joined us this year at the lake house, we had a larger pool of potential participants in our project. For some reason, though, the girls seemed more focused on playing together and less focused on the puzzle — until we neared its completion.

We started the puzzle the way most people do, separating the frame »

What To Do When You’re In the Weeds

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A lovely creek runs through the ravine behind my home.

As spring turns to summer, the paths my husband works hard to clear through the woods can easily become overgrown; keeping the paths open requires regular attention.

If we venture off his carefully cleared paths, we get stuck. With every step, we get even more entangled, and briers and thorns cut into our skin.

When I get stuck, my instinct is to get out — move through —as fast as I can.

I don’t like getting stuck… and I bet you don’t either.

As an owner of a growing business, I get stuck a lot. The weeds I get stuck in can easily drag me down, off my desired path.

How »

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