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If I Could Work My Business Like a Puzzle (Reprise)

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Last summer, after my annual working vacation, I wrote this post about what I learned about running my business from completing a jigsaw puzzle.

This year, my mom bought another puzzle and dumped it on the same table. We took extra care with the pieces, not wanting to repeat last year’s disappointment of one lost piece.

Since two of my nieces joined us this year at the lake house, we had a larger pool of potential participants in our project. For some reason, though, the girls seemed more focused on playing together and less focused on the puzzle — until we neared its completion.

We started the puzzle the way most people do, separating the frame »

What To Do When You’re In the Weeds

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A lovely creek runs through the ravine behind my home.

As spring turns to summer, the paths my husband works hard to clear through the woods can easily become overgrown; keeping the paths open requires regular attention.

If we venture off his carefully cleared paths, we get stuck. With every step, we get even more entangled, and briers and thorns cut into our skin.

When I get stuck, my instinct is to get out — move through —as fast as I can.

I don’t like getting stuck… and I bet you don’t either.

As an owner of a growing business, I get stuck a lot. The weeds I get stuck in can easily drag me down, off my desired path.

How »

4 Ways to Make Anything Easy

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Midway through the marathon course (26.2 miles), I found myself at the top of what felt like the largest elevation increase on the course, not a BIG hill, but a hill nonetheless.

Up that steady incline, I ran with Kate, a woman I met at mile 1 and waved on to run at her own pace. Kate, also a first time marathoner, chatted happily and waved back to me as the distance between us grew. Soon, I couldn’t even see her up ahead.

When I met up with her again at mile 17, we talked awhile and kept pace for a few miles. We faced the wind together and parted ways at the top of the hill.

Sharon waited for »

12 Hours Until I #RunToledo

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Tomorrow morning, I will achieve a goal I’ve thought about for nearly 15 years.

Months before my 30th birthday, I stepped up my running and began training for a full marathon. My goal at the time was to run a marathon prior to my milestone birthday. I remember waking up before work and running nearly every day, until the morning I woke up feeling queasy and stayed in bed, instead. I put my marathon dreams on hold when I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

Now I’m almost 43 and my oldest daughter is nearly 13. I’ve run 3 half marathons in the intervening years but never run a full marathon.

I started training for this race »

On Fuel and Pacing

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In 17 days, I am going to run my first marathon.

About 3 weeks ago, I ran a 15.5 mile training run with a friend. When we finished, I felt awful. I went home whining to my husband and told him I didn’t see how I would ever finish the race. He didn’t like that, so I revised my refrain and began saying “I will finish this marathon but it will be very hard.”

I’ve plodded through my training since then, with a few modifications to my fueling and pacing.

When I ran the 15.5 miles, I took water at every stop, but I didn’t have any fuel at all. My »

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